A Webshop Platform to connect and empower People

of limited Income but unlimited Skill

"Our Dream is to give millions of small local Entrepreneurs access to the World.
A Web shop that is affordable for those who can’t afford to buy one!"  (André Luc)


  • Digital Umbrella was founded by André Luc from Sweden and developed together with Kuldeep Dhami from India, ensuring extended support to small entrepreneurs, contractors and formal and non-formal NGOs whose aim is to fight poverty.

  • Digital Umbrella wants to transform human lives. It will directly work to display the largest collection of Handicrafts and indirectly create alternative incomes, employment opportunities, and responses to unexpected disasters.

  • Digital Umbrella wants to develop the business for all buyers and sellers.

  • Digital Umbrella is the most efficient tool available for the Unreachables. 

  • Digital Umbrella is open for Sharings and Affiliations.